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38 Skills You Need - 3-DVD Set

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Master the skills you need - and fast! You'll see what process to follow to turn your customer's hot-button FABs into a sale today. DVD set comes with 1 Leader's Guide, and a 5-Pack of sales workbooks. Order your DVD skills course today!
Special Price - Available on DVD…Master the skills you need to sell and avoid the most common mistakes salespeople make. Joe's Skills You Need to Sell More Cars course is on this 3 DVD set and one of his Core 4 Selling courses on JVTN.com...Salespeople will learn the step-by-step process to turn hot-button features into advantages and benefits, using current inventory, creating urgency and dealing with price and objections. The DVD set comes with 1 Leader's Guide and a 5-Pack of Sales Workbooks. Order now!